What is the Crowd Round Unconference?

It's a weekend long residential event just outside of Brisbane that's more about having awesome people in the room rather than watching speakers on a stage. The agenda is set on the first night by the attendees, where you decide what you want to share and discuss, and the event is all about you meeting, connecting, sharing and learning. It's for people who get sh*t done from all around Queensland.

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Who should come?

This event is for people who get sh*t done, from across Queensland (and further afield). In the wise words of Kiwi Foo, it's specifically for:

  • Doers not (just) talkers

  • Makers not breakers

  • Pragmatic optimists

There will be people of all ages, from diverse backgrounds, and a whole bunch of sectors there (from film making to tech to fashion to education). It means that you'll have a network of people at your back, helping you do what you already do better.  By the end of the weekend, you should have learned a whole lot of new things, shared some of what you know, and made life long connections across industries and backgrounds. 


But seriously, how does it work?

Attendees arrive at the venue at 5pm on the Friday. You'll arrive in your own car, or via ride share, which means the networking can start from your home city. 



The event will start with a whole group welcome at 5pm, followed by small group introductions. We'll break into dinner so people can discuss possible sessions they'd like to propose, and then we'll come back together as a whole group and set the sessions for the weekend. We use a bunch of post-it notes, and then people line up and share the session they'd like to host. 


The crowd favourite sessions from our first Crowd Round were: 

  • Unblock & Unlock – using lego for creative stuff

  • Feminism

  • Business, Legals & Start Up Stuff

  • A Reverse Shark Tank (start ups pitched & were told all the things the crowd loved about the pitch)

  • How to DJ

  • Growth Hacking

  • Negotiation – skills & stories

The best sessions are often ones you'd least expect. After the session setting is done, people can network and hang out for the rest of the night. 



There are seven sessions during the day, a small group check in, and Lightning talks after dinner. At each session time there will be four rooms available, so on the first day there will be 28 different sessions (unless attendees add new rooms....).



There will be another three sessions during the day, a small group farewell, and a group close (after lunch). Then everyone will head home, with new friends, new perspectives, and new learnings. 

Here's the video from our first Crowd Round Unconference, held in Queensland 2-4 February 2018.

Who is organising?


Anna Guenther was originally inspired by Kiwi Foo in New Zealand, where top journalists, politicians, tech entrepreneurs, academics, educators, and business owners come together to build the future. She has since helped co-instigate four WWGSD Unconferences (with the help of super fab collaborators!), one Crowd Round Unconference, and still manages to run her crowdfunding platform, PledgeMe, in two countries as her "day job". 

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Graham Ross is a serial entrepreneur who has created and enabled a new wave of socially-focussed organisations that have a positive impact on the planet. He is founder and CEO of Kusaga Athletic, maker of future fabrics that offers planet-friendlier alternatives to polyester and cotton, and was awarded BCorporation Best for the World 2017. When he’s not rattling cages, Graham is a multiple Ironman-distance triathlete and marathoner with a real world perspective of climate change as he swims, cycles and runs across the world.

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Andrew Taylor is an organisational whizz, with a wealth of experience in event management and hospitality.   He has previous experience as a business owner, rolls with whatever we throw his way, and has a knack for keeping us on track. Andrew will be the go to person for this event, before and during and is excited to see what we are all going to build together.


Catherine Gray is a tech product development company owner by day and passionate event facilitator in any spare time she can get. A small business mentor and lover of new ideas, Cat is a serious advocate for CrowdRound and the humanity first approach it inspires.

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Kris Trevilyan makes farm machinery, invests in and mentors start ups and likes to get involved in anything that sounds remotely interesting or fun.


Our sponsors

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Where do I sign up??

Register your interest here. Spaces are limited to 100 so please register your interest sooner rather than later. Registrations close on 15 February, so register and we will send you a final form to complete your registration. 

Diversity and inclusion is more than a commitment for us at Crowd Round, it is our source of strength. We strongly encourage registrations from people from all walks of life especially those from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander; culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

What does it cost?

Tickets cost $300 which covers accomodation for two nights, meals from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch, materials, and entry. If you are a local and want to sleep at home (less fun, but understandable!) or want to stay in an up market hotel, the cost of accomodation will be deducted from your ticket price. 

Twenty percent of attendees will be offered scholarships (either full, part or travel), because in the proud WWGSD tradition we don't want price to be a barrier to attending. We'll also provide childcare if requested too free of charge, because we want this event to be as accessible as possible. Our aim is to get a diverse bunch of folk getting sh*t done in Queensland (and beyond). 

Where will it be held?

We've sorted out a venue just over an hour north from Brisbane, Australia, up the Sunshine Coast at Twin Waters. So it'll be easy for folk to drive there from around Queensland, but also to fly in from other parts of Australia and overseas. Here is a full accessibility plan for the venue.